Campus Ministry

Kuemper Campus Ministry exists for the purpose of uniting the student body through prayer, community and service, and to empower students to take ownership of their faith. The Church is alive and well, and our mission as Catholics is to spread the Good News of our faith to the whole world.

Katherine Dea
Campus Minister

2017/2018 Campus Ministry Opportunities

Encounter Men's Retreat for Juniors and Seniors
Conception Seminary
Fall: November 11-2
Spring: April 14-16

Women's Vocation Visit for Juniors and Seniors
Sisters of Mercy, Jackson, MN
December 2

March for Life
January 17-21
$400, $50 Scholarships Available

July 13-15
$250 Registration

LIFE Group
LIFE (Living in Faith Enthusiastically)is a group of student leaders who focus on leadership in faith, service and community. The group organizes monthly events for Kuemper Students and community. For information on LIFE group activities, please contact Katherine Dea!

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