Tuition Assistance Options

The Catholic parishes in the Carroll area and many donors make generous contributions to Kuemper in order to keep tuition as low as possible. Kuemper is confident that it’s strong tuition assistance program can make your tuition investment manageable and will do everything possible to enable you to choose a Catholic education for your children. Tuition should NOT be the reason your family does not choose Kuemper!

Scholarship Program

Did you know that 57% of Kuemper students receive tuition assistance and that the average assistance amount per student is $1043? For more information or to fill out an application, click here
tuition assistance

New Family Tuition Credit

New families who transfer from another school system may be eligible to receive a $500 tuition credit. Students must be in 1st through 12th grade and attend Kuemper for 90 days before the credit is issued. Contact Susie Hulst at 712-792-3313 or for more information. 

Referral Tuition Credit

Families and individuals who refer new families to Kuemper may be eligible to receive a $500 tuition credit per each family they refer. This tuition credit may be applied to their own family’s tuition or to a family of their choice. All individuals, those with or without children enrolled at Kuemper, are eligible for the credit. Contact Susie Hulst at 712-792-3313 or for more information.

Scrip Program

When you purchase scrip money, you are purchasing gift cards from Kuemper. A portion of your purchase made with the gift cards goes towards your child’s tuition and a portion goes to Kuemper. There is no extra money spent, just money earned! Contact Jina Brincks for more information at 712-792-3313 or Click here for more information.

Tax Credits

You may be eligible to receive tax credits each year for the tuition you pay. Contact your tax professional for more information!