Mission Honduras & Then Feed Just One

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Mission Honduras

2019 Mission Trip
April 2-12th, 2019
Kuemper students and adults volunteer for a mission trip to Honduras every two years.  They will be building two homes, bunk beds, picnic tables, and vertical gardens on their upcoming trip. Check out the Mission Honduras website


Donate Supplies! 
The missioners for the upcoming trip will also be bringing the people of Honduras supplies.  Please consider donating!  Drop off your supplies at Kuemper High School.

--Hair Products (shampoo, combs, brushes)
--Dental Hygiene Products (toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss)
--Hygiene Products (soap, deodorant)
--Baby Supplies (clothes, cloth diapers, pin, rubber pants, blankets)
--New Shoes, Flip Flops, or Money to Buy Convertible Shoes (shoes that grow with the child)
--Small Kid Toys (bracelets, nail polish, bubbles, suckers, hard candy, gum)
--Medical Supplies (bandages, Tylenol)

--Handmade Items (pillow case dresses, blankets)
--Twin Size Sheets (for bunk beds)
--Money for Vitamins (we buy in bulk)

Monetary Donations!
Monetary donations are always accepted.  if you're like to donate to the building supply fund, funds for shoes or vitamins, please contact:
Mike McCarty at mpmccarty@kuemper.org or
Deb McCarty at dmmccarty@kuemper.org!

2017 Mission Trip
Teacher Mike McCarty led a team of student and adult volunteers to Honduras for Kuemper's 1st mission trip in March 2017. Students and adults raised money all year to pay for supplies to build two houses, fund a portion of a third home, build bunk beds, provide medical supplies and vitamins to the local clinic, pay for a gardener to oversee a school garden, and money to develop a character education program for the school. 

The missioners spent 10 days helping the Honduran people, embracing their culture, and spreading God's love. The students were amazed at the living conditions of the people at Nueva Capital. 

Mike McCarty said, "Our goal is to immerse our students in Honduras so when they come back, they will use what they have learned to begin charitable projects in the US. We want our students to live out the ministry of Jesus Christ by serving others. Mission Honduras does just that. Learning to love the service they do for others will be infectious, leading them to become more and more disciples of Christ."

The school plans to make Mission Honduras a biannual trip, occurring on opposite years of Kuemper's Then Feed Just One food project. 


Then Feed Just One

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” -Mother Teresa Every two years, preschool-12th grade students participate in the Then Feed Just One food packaging event. This project provides over 200,000 meals for the hungry people of Honduras. It's a wonderful opportunity for students and community members of all ages to work side-by-side to help the hungry people of the world. 
This spring, students help raise the funds needed to purchase the rice based meals and to ship them to Honduras.  On March 28, the entire school spends the day packaging the meals and preparing them for shipment.

The school knows that these meals will not solve the hunger crisis in the world, but with the Christian philosophy echoed by Mother Teresa in mind, the school wants to provide food for God's people, even if it's just one person.