Shadow Days at Kuemper

Student Shadow Days

Did you know that students grades 1-12 are able to discover what a day at Kuemper is like by shadowing a Kuemper student?

Someone they know or someone with similar interests
Students can shadow a student that they know at Kuemper or Kuemper can set them up with a student with similar likes and interests. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What about lunch? 
Students will receive a complimentary school lunch the days they shadow.  They are also welcome to bring their own lunch from home.

What should they wear?
Most students that shadow wear what they would wear to their own school.  Most commonly, shadow students have worn jeans and a Kuemper shirt or plain colored shirt. 

Schedule a Shadow Day or Tour!
Contact Susie Hulst, Director of Enrollment Management, to schedule a shadow day for your student. Tours are also available!
712-792-3313 or