BYOD Purchasing Guide

Device Purchasing Guide

Below is a list of recommendations to help guide you in purchasing a device. We do not cover every option available in this list but rather what we have seen used here at the school and what has worked in our environment.

11 to  14 inch screen
Less than 4 pounds


Spill-resistant keyboards.
Protection on the edges to protect from drops.

Recommended specs:
4 GB Ram: Sufficient for Chromebooks and the minimum for Windows and Mac devices.
8 GB Ram: Ideal amount for Windows and Mac devices.

Solid State Drive: SSDs have no moving parts, they run three to four times faster than a mechanical hard drive.
Hard Drive: Mechanical Drives offer more storage at a reduced price and are slower than a SSD.

Operating System Options:
Chrome OS: Chromebooks will work for most tasks at all grade levels.
Windows: Commonly used for productivity tasks.
MacOS: Commonly used for art/design tasks.
Android OS: Cell phones and tablets. (not recommended)
iOS: iphones and ipads. (not recommended)

Battery life:
8+ hours: Adequate battery size to make it through the school day.
6+ hours: The minimum battery size to get through the school day.