Eternal Knights

Eternal Knights are those visionary friends who have made the ultimate expression of their faith in Catholic education by remembering Kuemper in their estate plans.

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You can become an Eternal Knight by making a gift to Kuemper that costs nothing during your lifetime. Plan and invest in the future today!

The purpose of the Eternal Knights recognition is to acknowledge, with appreciation, those who have demonstrated their commitment to Catholic education and to promote and attract future gifts of this nature. These individuals assure a Catholic education in the Kuemper Catholic School System for future generations. Giving a bequest is not simply for the "wealthy." People of all income levels make a difference through gift planning and feel satisfaction in doing so.

Eternal Knights List (updated 3/22/22)

Join the List of Eternal Knights!

Contact Sharon Olerich at (712)-794-1877 or email [email protected] for more information.

We thank everyone who has notified us of gifts they are making through their wills or other estate plans to continue Kuemper's mission, traditions, and core values for the future. If you have included a gift for Kuemper in your plans but are not a member of this growing group of Eternal Knights, we invite you to let us know by calling Sharon Olerich at (712)-794-1877 or emailing [email protected]

Why I Became an Eternal Knight

Macke Photo
"We chose to become Eternal Knights for everything that Kuemper has done for us as KHS graduates, for our children, and now our grandchildren."

Jim & Mary (Schapman) Macke, Kuemper Class of 1967

Fr. Gary Snyder
"Kuemper Catholic School enjoys a rich tradition for providing an excellent environment for Christian formation supported by an academic program second to none. I am a proud alumnus of Kuemper Catholic High School. As a priest, I have witnessed firsthand the positive difference Kuemper has made on several generations. I am most impressed with the present generation of students and their families. An excellent tradition is growing even stronger. By becoming an Eternal Knight, I can remain a part of that success story."
Fr. Gary Snyder, Kuemper Class of 1964

Pat Venteicher
"I have lived by a famous motto: 'If you can't help people, then what is the point of being successful?' Becoming an Eternal Knight was another key way that I am able to give back to a school system that helps educate and prepare students to be successful in life."
Pat Venteicher, Kuemper Class of 1993

Chuck & Mary Thatcher
"We joined the group because we felt it was the right thing to do. We believe Kuemper gives a well-rounded academic and spiritual education. We think the only way for that to continue at a reasonable cost to young families is for the school to receive donations.

Why become an Eternal Knight now? This saying answers that question: 'I shall pass this way but once. Any good that I can do or any kindness that I can show, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.'"

Chuck and Mary (Sander) Thantcher, Mary is Kuemper Class of 1970