Inquiring Family Information

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Family Testimonials

Discover why other families made the switch to Kuemper.  Their only regret is not doing it sooner. 

Request a Packet of Information

If you're not ready for a tour or a shadow day, but just want to learn more, request a packet of information to be sent to your home. This packet includes brochures and flyers and is catered to what you are inquiring about.  Call or email Erin Sundrup at 712-792-3313 or [email protected]  

Schedule a Tour

Tours are very beneficial for anyone contemplating Kuemper. It gives parents and students a feel for the school environment and candidly shows the school's day-to-day operations. How do students and teachers interact?  How do students conduct themselves in the classroom and hallways?  Tours also are a great time for parents to ask a variety of questions from the curriculum, to dress code, to what a daily schedule looks like. Call or email Erin Sundrup at 712-792-3313 or [email protected] to schedule a tour! We'd love to have you! 

Schedule a Virtual Chat or Phone Call

We'd love to answer all your questions over the phone or through virtual chat. Call or email Erin Sundrup at 712-792-3313 or [email protected] to schedule!

Shadow a Student

Prospective students, 1st-12th grade, can see what a typical day at Kuemper is like by shadowing a student for either a half-day or a full day. Students can be paired with a Kuemper student they know or, if they don't know anyone, Kuemper staff can pair them with a student of similar likes and interests. Many students have enjoyed this opportunity and ultimately decided to enroll at Kuemper. Call or email Erin Sundrup at 712-792-3313 or [email protected]

Talk to a Kuemper Parent

Want another parent's perspective? Kuemper can have another parent call you to chat openly about their experience at Kuemper.  This has proven to be a great resource in the decision-making process!  Call or email Erin Sundrup at 712-792-3313 or [email protected]