Football Frenzy

Support Kuemper and Win Cash!

Football Frenzy is quite simply a 17-week raffle ticket you can purchase for just $20. Your participation supports the Kuemper Booster Club and gives you a chance to win cash prizes throughout the NFL season. Each raffle ticket contains a random, computer-generated, three-team combo for each week of the NFL schedule that dictates your score for that particular week. Those scores are added together to determine the winners. Cash prizes of up to $500 will be given away weekly! 

The Booster Club is dedicated to promoting the faith, education, general welfare, and morale of students by financially assisting extracurricular activities and Football Frenzy is a fun way to show your support of Kuemper! Ticket sales directly support the recent renovation of the new gym floor, a project sponsored by the Booster Club. 

Purchase your raffle tickets below. Scroll down for rules and more information about Football Frenzy.

2019 Football Season Winners

Week 2
1st & 2nd Place (2 way tie) - $325 Points 112
- Tony Pietig
- Karen Schroeder
3rd Place - $100 Points 111
- Kathy Myers
4th Place - $75 Points 110
- Vern Weber
5th Place (2 way tie) - $25 Points 105
- Doug Duncan
- Neal Rupiper
Lowest Team Total Points 13
- Colby Pudenz

Week 1
1st Place - $500, Points 142
- Wyatt Haukap
2nd Place - $150, Points 135
- Don Hoffmann
3rd Place - $100, Points 134
- Alan Kerkhoff
4th Place - $75, Points 133
- Kathi Milligan
5th Place - $50, Points 132
- Diane Willenborg
Lowest Team Total (2 way tie) - $25, Points 16
- Eric Olson
- Brooke Bruning

Please note, due to Iowa law, online raffle purchases must use ACH (bank draft).

How to Play

1) Purchase a ticket (or tickets) online by filling out the form above. If you would like to purchase a ticket with your debit card, please call the Kuemper Catholic School office at 712-792-3313.

2) After purchasing, you will be emailed a unique ticket that is valid for the number of weeks remaining during the NFL season at the time of purchase. The NFL season kicks off Sept. 5 so order today to play all 17 weeks!

3) Each week your three assigned team scores will be added together to determine if you’re a winner. If a team doesn’t play in a given week, its score from the previous week will be used.

4) Individual winners will receive their prize money in the mail.

$925 in prizes awarded weekly!

Six winners awarded weekly (check this page to see if you’ve won!)
Highest 3-team total receives $500
2nd receives $150
3rd receives $100
4th receives $75
5th receives $50
Lowest 3-team total receives $50

(In case of tie, prizes are combined and split equally)