Grab & Go Meals at Kuemper

A big kudos to Carroll Community School District for doing an amazing job distributing so many meals to children in our community. Kuemper will be opening an additional meal pick up site beginning Monday, March 30 to try to help fulfill the demand in our community. If you have any questions about meals from Kuemper, please contact Kuemper's food service director, Sue Kennebeck, at

*We are unable to hand out meals for Friday, April, 10, Monday, April 13, and Tuesday, April 14. because these were original scheduled no school days*


To get meals:

1. Sign up for meals ahead of time. Please sign up by 12:00pm Sunday by filling out this form or by leaving a message at 712-794-1875. Meals are available to any student in the community.

2. Pick up your meals on Monday and/or Wednesday at Holy Spirit Elementary anytime between 11:00am and 12:30pm. On Monday, you'll receive a hot lunch along with a breakfast and lunch for Tuesday and a breakfast for Wednesday. On Wednesday, you'll receive a hot lunch, breakfast and lunch for Thursday, and breakfast and lunch for Friday.

3. Bring a sign with your last name and number of children to hold up. Workers will bring the meals to your vehicle.

4.  Please leave your front passenger seat open (no one sitting there) so our staff can drop your bags right inside your open window or door. We are trying to minimize the amount of contact our staff has with the public.

5. Follow the traffic directions below when picking up. Carroll Police Department will be directing traffic. Enter from 1st Street. Turn south onto East Street. Follow to Holy Spirit Center Playground.

traffic flow grab & go meals