High School

A Note From the Principal

Our high school at Kuemper has a strong reputation in our region, as well as in our Diocese, for strong programs in academics, athletics, and the arts. Kuemper also has a rich tradition of formation for our students in the Catholic Faith. Kuemper is a place where tradition and innovation meet, and it is a goal of our school family to continue to provide a cutting edge, Christ-centered education for our students.

Our academic programs push our students to explore their potential and do things they may have not thought themselves capable. Our increasing focus on rigor and student ownership will not only allow us to pass on the information students need to be successful in their future academic careers, but to give them the skills and patterns of thought to become responsible citizens of the United States.
A Catholic school exists to provide opportunities to strengthen the faith of its students. Catechesis and evangelization are key components of our mission to educate in a Christ-centered environment. We work to insure the students are taught the faith and given opportunities to also live the faith in order for it to become a key part of their identity. Kuemper provides many opportunities for prayer, offers coursework aligned to the Bishop’s Framework, service work, and participation in the Mass.

Kuemper also provides a wealth of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. From interscholastic sports for boys and girls, many clubs and fine arts opportunities are available. We are proud to have successful programs where students can grow and evolve as well rounded citizens. These programs are great opportunities to ensure social growth of our students as well.

I also wish to thank my new school family, and all of those alumni who continue to work with our school and support it so that Kuemper can continue to provide an outstanding Christ centered educational experience! We simply could not do this without your support.

Yours in Christ,
Ted Garringer, 7-12 Principal