High School Parent Club

KHS Parents' Club Mission

The purpose of the high school parent club is to foster and encourage closer cooperation between the school and home, the teachers and the parents. The spiritual, moral, social, and intellectual aspects of the student shall be the common concern. The Kuemper High School Parents Club shall also assist the school in sponsoring religious and educational activities, which will promote Catholic thought and practice.

All parents of high school students are members of the KHS Parents’ Club. Dues are $10 (couple) or $5 (single). These dues as well as your help working in the concession stands during our many sports activities are the means to raise funds to support the students and staff for the entire school year. Send dues to the KHS Main Office. Make checks payable to the KHS Parents' Club. Thank you!

Concession Stand Worker Sign up

All high school parents are expected to work at the concession stand during the sporting events and activities held throughout the school year. This is a great opportunity to meet other parents, learn more about the school, and help out! Visit the Concessions Link to sign up for a time! The bottom tabs of the google sheet are for the 4 months of winter concessions.  This is the only means of fundraising besides the parent dues to help support the high school parent club activities.